Saturday, October 25, 2008

Toilet bag

Still working on my blue and brown quilt, but I figured I should do something with the small left overs.... When I've been working on the quilt, I piece different blue and brown strips together and cut these in half 4 patches and put them together to a 4 patch. Sometimes there is more than 1 1/2" left overs at the end, and I've saved them and pieced them together into two rectangles. Did some free motion quilting and made this little toilet bag of it. I think it's sweet:-) I did not use any pattern, just found a zipper long enough, and I used the templates for making scallops to make the top, and pieced the thing together. Got a lot of similar scraps/left overs, so I will make several of them, now I now the measures are right. Guess I can call it my prototype:-)
The quilting is not perfect at all, since this was my first try on the butterflies, but it'll do. I'm gonna keep this myself (for once...) so it's fine by me:-)
I have also worked on the binding on my Advent table runner the last week, so i guess I'll be finished with it today:-)

Happy sewing!



Darcie said...

I think you did a wonderful job with the butterflies! They're totally recognizable.

What a darling little bag...and out of scraps! Sweet.

Merete said...

The quilting is great on the toilet bag!


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