Sunday, September 14, 2008

Orion Star quilt in progress and blog awards

I got these two awards from Blåbærtua:

Thank you so much:-)
I'm happy to give them to:

Blåbærtua - Of course you deserve to have the awards back! Your blog is great, and you do wonderful work!
May Britt - She makes such wonderful things, and I love her "words for today".
Darcie - I am a fan of her quilting, she's a great artist! And she is always so positive!
Tazzie - She makes so many lovely things. Check it out!
Bonnie - For being such a source to inspiration, and for sharing her knowledge on scrapquilts. And she is a master of making mystery quilts!

So many others should have these awards, but this time I will not make a longer list.

Finally I got to do some more blocks on my Orion Star quilt. I finished 14 blocks this weekend. I'll have to go shopping for blue and brown Japanese fabrics, I have used them all up! I will have to make the same amount of blocks to make it big enough, so that means buying 5 of each. I think I'm taking the trip to Quiltegården next week:-)
I also made some more blocks for "My blue heaven". Only 8 blocks left to do, and they are already half done:-) Cannot wait to get to the finishing part!!!
I have not had progress on my OTR this weekend, as I decided to clean up my sewing room a bit, and get some of the projects I have laying around in my room, finished. A bit more tidy now:-)
But I have so many projects going on... too many... I guess I'll have to finish some more... Several of them are precut, and just ready to sew... Hope to have some time in the future days to sew some more:-)
Earlier this week I did some of the blocks for the BOM I am part of. Åttebladrose fra Lappemakeriet.
It is a beautiful quilt, and when I saw the picture over at Hanne's blog, I just could not resist joining it! Check it out!


Darcie said...

Oh you are so sweet, L! I am speechless...yet totally honored! Thank you, with all of my heart. ;-)

I love your blue and brown Japanese inspired quilt! It's going to be absolutely beautiful! Enjoy your shopping spree for more fabrics!

Hugs to you!

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Thank you so much for the blog award! I am honored!

In Stitches - - -


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